Files n Folders

for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Windows

Wireless File Transfer and File Manager


Get Started

Install the Desktop Client

Install the Mobile App

Connect & Transfer

From the mobile app, connect to the computer wirelessly and start transferring. Details in the Mobile and Desktop apps.


Required if you want to transfer files. If you just want to save files from other apps on your device this is not required

“ I was amazed at how fast it downloads files to my iPad ...”

What users are saying

“ ... Syncs up fine on an enterprise network, and home network. I select entire drives to be able to browse...”

Screenshots & Features


Browse Mac & Windows computers and download files or entire Folders


Upload multiple Pictures, Videos or Files to your Computer.

File Manager

Save and Organize files from other apps. Example, store those attachments from your Mail app.

Organize & Manage

Create folders on your mobile device and easily organize files.


Share downloaded files via Email, iMessage, Social Media, AirDrop or to other Apps on your Device.

Zip & Unzip

Create zips from saved Folders and Unzip compressed files

“ This app is awesome, it does exactly what it says it does, it allows me to copy or use all files I have stored on my PC and it does it wirelessly using my Wi-Fi connection...”